Morning Reflection

Today’s email from the Poor Clare Colettines TMD Nottingham England

Seeking God, in Mary’s company, praying the Rosary.

Dear Little hearts,

It is the month of the Rosary.

Often this simple statement can cause anxiety, perplexity, or some other uncomfortable feeling. Why? Because some people, although they have prayed the Rosary in the past, feel that they cannot cope with it at this moment and in this time in their lives. A sense of panic can follow, within themselves, they feel, they know they should but… but…having lost the habit and the thread of praying the Rosary they do not know where on earth to begin. Lay aside all this baggage, it is getting in the way…just start…. Just begin and try and keep going.

A good point to start is simply to ask the Holy Spirit to help you, after all if we are simply still and open, it is the Holy Spirit praying in you.

Praying the Rosary takes effort yes, it takes self-discipline yes, but it is nowhere as complicated as some think it is. It is not some sort of mountaineering feat, or a marathon race, it is simply your heart speaking to Gods Heart and to the Heart of your Mother Mary.

Praying the Rosary does not necessarily mean praying all five decades, but rather, being still immersing yourself in the mystery and praying from your heart slowly and with focus.

Prayer is no more pleasing to God and Our Lady if is depending on the amount of prayers said, one will not assure a desired answer by saying as many rosaries as one can muster strength to get through.

It is the love, the faith and the trust invested in the prayer that make it meaningful. Praying the Rosary or part of it can be so powerful, keep it simple, sing if you want to, making your own tune to the words, it is at the end of a day a love song in which you bring souls before God and Our Lady asking for Gods blessing and mercy upon them.

There are many spiritual exercises that are pursued, but what Our Lady asked us was to pray the Rosary.

So let us all try and make a new beginning…..

Before you do anything…..quietly just lay your beads down on the table so that you can see the full circlet of beads and into that space in prayer place all whom you want to bring to Our Lady and God.

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