Our Lady of Silence

Today’s email from:

Poor Clare Colettines TMD Nottingham England UK community@marianhouseoftheholyspiritpcc.org


Our Lady of Silence pray for me.

Oh Virgin Mary, Mother of Silence, I consecrate all of my life to you. Deign to impress upon my heart the Heart of your Son Jesus, who died and rose again for me. In reply to the angel’s joyful annunciation, you said, “Fiat”; at the wedding at Cana, you taught me to do everything the Lord tells me to do; under the cross, you gave me an example of unity with Jesus who was obedient to the Father.

Our Lady of Silence, channel of grace, give me each day the grace of sincere conversion and of stability in my vocation.

Mary, dew of divine Beauty,
reveal how you are a masterpiece of holiness, created at the high price of the blood of Christ.

Oh Mary, Cathedral of Silence,
make this prayer resound in my heart: “Be not afraid, because you are my child, and you are loved by the heavenly Father.”

“Be not afraid, because you are my child, and you are loved by the heavenly Father.”

Holy Mary, lifeboat of souls, bridge between Heaven and Earth, guide me, together with the angels and saints, to build the kingdom of God on Earth, so that I may live in the constant presence of the Most Holy Trinity and desire, for others and for myself, the Eternal peace and joy of the Heavenly Jerusalem.


Fr. Emiliano Antenucci

Dear Little hearts,

This beautiful Icon of Our Lady of silence resides in Rome, many of you may have seen it in the recent BBC documentary about the Vatican.

It carries a powerful message for our age, an age full of constant noise and excessive verbalizations. We can only learn how to speak correctly with respect and reverence if we have first learnt the value of silence. Silence is so needful as a guardian for mental health, constant cerebral stimulation is not a good thing as we see sadly amongst many of this generation.

In this icon Our Lady is saying be quiet and listen. Our Mother knows what we need and the Holy Spirit obviously inspired the painter with this message.

We all need areas of silence and reflection to know ourselves, others and God.

In our own life here in the monastery it is imperative in order to hear Gods voice, to hear the Word of God and to pray.

Over the next 48 hours we have the opportunity as we have continuous adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from after Mass today till Friday before Mass and it is heartening how many people feel the need to come each month for this event, in this silence we will remember you all and all your intentions, lovingly all your sisters….

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