Replenished by His Grace

There are times we can feel like a dry weary land without water, yet when we cry out to the Lord in desperation, He hears our cry. I’m only here to tell you “NEVER” give up on God’s grace and mercy, by HIS GRACE he is giving so much MERCY.

Something I believe the Holy Spirit sent this morning is this beautiful article about the growth of two holy souls united in matrimony, given the gift of suffering, only to find the pearl of great price. Never be afraid of the cross, Jesus is with you, follow Him and His Church. I pray Chiara blesses and brings you an abundance of encouragement. Be very Blessed!

Chiara Corbella a husband’s reflection

“If you accept what is good, why not accept what is bad?”; so it is written. When Jesus is on the Cross, the only person who speaks to Him is another person who, like Him, is on the cross.

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