Mary Magdalene – Forgiven Much

This post shared by an intercessor of Hannah’s Tears 10 years ago on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, I somehow feel that it is relevant for today as we continue our journey through this Lenten season.

God bless you and please remember to lift us all in prayer.

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears

Dear Sisters,
As we celebrate today the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, I wanted to share with you a little bit about her life, and also a beautiful painting from her life and a reflection found in today’s Magnificat. Especially as we consider Adoring our Lord, being Contrite for our sins and the way we have wounded His heart, Thanking Him for his love and blessings, and Petitioning Him for our needs, I can’t help but think of the way that St. Mary Magdalene exemplified this in her own life, and how she really is a role model for us in how we are to love and serve God.

St. Mary Magdalene

(Feast day – July 22)
Mary Magdalen was well known as a sinner when she first saw Our Lord. She was very beautiful and very proud, but after she met Jesus, she felt great sorrow for her evil…

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