Redemptive Suffering Reflection

Redemptive Suffering – Fr. Riccardo

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Here’s a talk on a little-discussed bit of Catholic theology – redemptive suffering. If you’ve never understood Col 1:24, this is probably the talk for you.

From what I understand, there were few things more common 60 years ago than for a whining Catholic kid to hear, “Offer it up!” Hopefully Fr. will go a bit deeper… ;0)

Prayer By Those Who Suffer
This podcast is from a lenten mission talk presented by Fr. Riccardo several years ago at the Cardinal Maida Institute in Plymouth, Michigan. The title of the talk is Redemptive Suffering-The Supreme Power of Prayer By Those Who Suffer.

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  1. Dear Friends of Hannah’s Tears,

    I wanted to share this with you today as when I woke up this morning and turned on Catholic Radio this is what I also listened to and I must say I can never hear this enough that suffering must be used as a prayer and united to Our Lord upon the Cross. This my friends is the greatest prayer if we use it united to Jesus for the good of others and for God’s holy will in our lives.

    Peace, hope and love to all as we pray for a new pope!

    I also wanted to share the chaplet of Hannah’s Tears which has helped me in times of suffering with infertility, physical pain and emotional pain.

    Click to access Chaplet-of-Hannahs-Tears-Leaflet.pdf


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