The Pain No One Sees

Where shall I place this pain that I endure?  No one can see it, not even me… some say that I should wear something that will help to relieve it but since the pain is everywhere  that special something would have to cover my entire body.

So, what are the answers to this pain?

Why does God send it?

What is it for?

One day after I had gone on retreat, I had received such great blessings.  There were moments that I knew somehow I had touched the hem of Christs garment and I was being healed.  I had no pain…   11 days since this retreat I find myself enduring this pain and struggling with disciplined prayer time and I begin to realize that it is Christ in His passion that is so very close to me right now.

In our brokenness are we truly broken?

In our pain physical or emotional are we alone?

We are never alone as our great faith in Christ Jesus has set us free!

It is in my pain that Christ Jesus is so very near and uniting his heart with mine.


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