The grace of healing

Healing comes in the most unexpected ways.

In the midst of writing about the trial of miscarriage and journeying out of my childbearing years…in the midst of praying…I was led here…to Hannah’s Tears. It is a wonderful ministry founded by a Secular Carmelite…formed to assist and intercede for those dealing with infertility, miscarriage, or loss of a child.

I reached out of my comfort zone and asked for prayers. I received a lovely email from the founder filled with soothing, healing words and an invitation…an invitation to become part of this ministry most especially by becoming a prayer intercessor. I took this invitation to heart and have been praying for these women in a special way , knowing and experiencing some of their pain and suffering. In the act of embracing them in prayer, I am beginning to experience inner peace.

“We are to be that voice crying out in the desert of sorrow and pain,” were the words written that struck me. And in the praying and the writing, healing takes place…moments of grace.

My name is Theresa and I am humbled and edified to be part of this ministry of praying for others, especially through the Hannah’s Tears Chaplet.  I am a wife and mother of four children as well as two in Heaven.  I am a Secular Carmelite and homeschooler to my youngest. I live out my many vocations in Pennsylvania.  You can find me at my desert heart.


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