Opening our hearts and lives to God

Dear Little hearts.


We are on the very threshold of the first Sunday of Lent! Do not allow yourselves to be downcast but be full of joy at all Jesus Christ has done for you!

At this time of grace open your hearts and lives wide open to his grace.

It is a totally mistaken idea to think or act as if  this is simply a time of denial of food, it is so so much more…  fasting motivated by love can obtain great graces for ourselves and souls, but it is also well to remember that Jesus suffered all his bitter passion that we would know freedom and joy.

Turning back to God should be a joy!!! To epitomize this each day we will ring in our cloister a bell, the JOY BELL! And for that 15 minutes the sisters can do whatever will give them the most joy ! That we proclaim by our lives that God is a God of Joy!

We rejoice that we are redeemed!

Bless you and thank you for all your prayers for the computer change over there is still lot to learn but at least it seems possible today to write to you all.


Your Poor Clare sisters who in the spirit of Our Holy Father St Francis proclaim our God as a God of joy!

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