Our Family In Need

When we reach out to another in need our hearts begin to heal.  This letter below arrived in our email yesterday and I wanted to share this cry for need with you.  

All of us at Hannah’s Tears pray that you have a happy and holy Christmas.

Aid to the Church in Need

Dear Hannah’s Tears,

This Christmas, a young girl in Egypt needs your help to heal.

Mary and Child
When the Holy Family fled in fear with the infant Jesus, they eventually arrived in the
safety of Egypt − bringing the Light of Christ to those who did not know Him.  
Unfortunately, in today’s world, Egypt is no longer a safe haven for Christians. 
It has joined the sad list of many countries where there is hatred and persecution 
towards those who worship Jesus Christ.
A 7-year-old girl attending Mass in Alexandria, Egypt, felt that hatred firsthand, when 
a bomb exploded outside her family’s church. For months she lay in a hospital bed 
next to her mother with severe injuries. Miraculously, she survived. 
This little girl not only suffered wounds of the body but also wounds of the spirit. 
How long will it take before she is able to enter a Church without fear and trembling? 
This little girl symbolizes all of today’s children around the world who are the 
innocent victims of persecution and suffering. Victims who need our help. 
When you attend Mass this Christmas, go with a heart full of faith and joy — knowing 
that you are safe and can sit and pray without fear.  Together we celebrate the birth 
of Christ, who brought light, hope, and promise for all. But please do not forget the 
suffering children.  For it does indeed fall on us as Christians to help our persecuted 
brothers and sisters.
With your thoughtful gift and prayers today to Aid to the Church in Need, you will 
be doing just that. Your generosity will help to renew the light and hope that has 
been dimmed in the hearts of so many.
My deepest prayers to you and your loved ones for a  joyous Christmas and blessed
New Year.


Father Hugh Barbour
Spiritual Director

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Aid to the Church in Need
725 Leonard Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222-2350

Your gift today will help

keep a little girl’s Faith alive in Egypt.


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Please visit us at:www.churchinneed.org

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