The Sacrifice of Christmas Shopping

By Sue Elvis

A Grief Reflection

My baby Thomas died some years ago, in the month of November, and my grief was still so very fresh when I had to start thinking about Christmas preparations and Christmas shopping. These seemed so unimportant and I really wanted to forget Christmas all together. But I knew I couldn’t. I knew I couldn’t deny my other children the joy and excitement they really needed after the sorrow of the past months. 

From my diary:
I spent most of yesterday shopping. I hate Christmas shopping. I can never decide what to buy and I’m not at all interested in celebrating and being joyful. All our Christmas cards are mixed up with sympathy cards. They don’t seem to go together somehow. I heard a young baby cry in the book shop and I had to move along quickly because I felt tearful…” 

Yes, it was very difficult. But looking back, I realise that making that effort for my children helped me to keep going. Focusing on my loved ones helped me survive. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for coping with Christmas preparations that need to be done, but seem very unimportant?

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2 thoughts on “The Sacrifice of Christmas Shopping

  1. I read a book by Jesse DuPlantis. I don't remember the full name, something about Heaven. He had an experience of going there and coming back and said that babies that die are there. I hope that helps bring you comfort.


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