St. Giuseppe Moscati

Feast day: November 16
Patron of Bachelors and people
 rejected by religious orders.

JOSEPH Moscati was born in Benevento, Italy, on July 25, 1880.  He was a very friendly and well-liked person. He was extremely intelligent, pious and prayerful.

He went to medical school at the University of Naples. He graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, when he was 23 years old.

He wanted to become a Jesuit but the Jesuit priests felt that God’s will was for Dr. Moscati to remain in the world as a physician.

He volunteered in the Italian Army and became a major. He cared for the wounded soldiers and helped them love God.

Dr. Moscati believed that the health of the body depended upon the soul remaining in the state of grace. He said, “One must attend first to the salvation of the soul and only then to that of the body.” He helped many people return to the Sacraments. Most of his patients were the poor, the homeless, the religious and the priests – all from whom he would never accept payment.  Finally, he refused payment from any of his patients saying, “These are working folk. What have we that has not been given us by Our Lord? Woe to us if we do not make good use of God’s gifts!”

He was always good to his patients and received admiration and respect from everyone. He went to Mass everyday and had a great devotion to Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception.

On April 12, 1927, after doing his normal hospital rounds and visiting the poor and examining patients in his home, he felt ill, stopped work, went to his room, sat in his chair and died. He was 46.

Prayer to St. Joseph Moscati

“Dear St Joseph Moscati, true model of Christian doctors, in the exercise of your medical profession, you always took care of both the body and soul of every patient.

Look on us, who have recourse to your heavenly intercession, and obtain for us both physical and spiritual health, and a share in the dispensation of heavenly favors.

Soothe the pains of our suffering people; give comfort to the sick, consolation to the afflicted and hope to the despondent.

May our young people find in you an ideal, our workers an example, the aging a comfort, the dying the hope of eternal salvation.

To all of us be a pattern of industriousness, honesty and charity; so we may comply with our Christian duties and glorify God our Father.”  

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St. Joseph of Moscati
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