The Dangers of Splenda

Splen.da has NO warnings on their label, so I wanted to warn you to be aware of how it may affect your health and the health of your future.  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so take care of yourself and those that you love. ❤

Splen.da is not natural; it is a chlorinated artificial sweetener. There have been no long-term human studies on the safety of Splen.da; however, issues have been raised about Splen.da in a new study from Duke University.

According to the study, Splen.da “suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere with the bioavailability of drugs and nutrients. Furthermore, these effects occur at Splen.da doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by the FDA for use in the food supply.” 

For more information on the Duke University study, click here.

3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Splenda

  1. Just yesterday I tried Splenda for the first time! And I have to say…it was awesome! tasted just like sugar…I could have easily gotten addicted…thanks for posting this! I'm gonna stick with Stevia…the not so great tasting sugar substitute…but healthier!


  2. When Splenda was first released several years ago, I began consuming it in low carb breakfast muffins, etc., and in diet colas. During this time, I became short of breath, bloated, very tired and experience numerous other symptoms. I had no idea what was wrong with me.One morning, I picked up a packet of Splenda to put into my cup of tea, and something just told me to "stop." I often wonder if it was my guardian angel. I got off of all Splenda products and within a couple of weeks felt normal again.This stuff is poison to me. I have eaten it accidentally once or twice, and I know immediately that I have consumed it — even before reading the product label. Sadly, it's in everything these days. Just thought I'd share.


  3. One major reason I have brought this subject up again is that my cousin and his wife read the reports about splenda and poured it outside in their yard and it killed the ants. So my questions is what is it doing to our health, if it can kill ants? Not good I say!We must treat our body as if it were more precious then gold, as we are temples of the Holy Spirit. This continues to repeat in my heart…God bless you and take good care of yourself.Coconut sugar is also a great substitute as it is low in the Glycemic Index and has tons of B vitamins and minerals that are supper good for us. Try it next time you want to bake.


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