Mondays with Elisabeth: Suffering in Marriage

This is truly a “MUST READ”! So sorry I didn’t notice this article in February… just something I thought we could all use today for prayer and reflection. As I missed last weeks Mondays with Elisabeth, I thought that this was something that our beloved Elisabeth Leseur would also share in her writings. Considering the time she lived and the lack of faith and understanding that she was surrounded within her own life. I think we can all relate for sure…
By the way if you have anything to share concerning Mondays with Elisabeth Leseur, please feel free to send it to tgarcia(at)hannahstears(dot)org and we’ll share it next time.

OLFF Maine: Suffering in Marriage: An Opportunity: “Today’s culture runs away from suffering, marriage, commitment, children and any other attachment that might come with inconvenience, self-sacrifice or discomfort.

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