Mondays with Elisabeth

While reading Elisabeth’s journal you will find  a prayer that she wrote for the virtue of hope.  Something that we all need to hold on to in our daily lives, if you take time each day to truly see that God Our Father has truly given us many gifts to get us through our challenges each and every day, we just need to ask for them!

“Prayer to Ask of God the Virtue of Hope”

My God, who has allowed us human hope,
but who alone obtains Christian and 
supernatural hope, grant, I beseech You, by 
Your grace, this virtue to my soul, to the souls 
of all I love, and to all Christian souls.  Let it 
enlighten and transform our lives, our suffering, and 
even our death, and let it uphold in us, through
the disappointment and sadness of each day, an
inner strength and unalterable serenity.

~ Elisabeth Leseur ~ 

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