Another Beautiful Lady for Our Time

The more I have prayed the more I see who the great patrons of our time have become for Hannah’s Tears.  One of them of course is Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur the other beautiful lady is Mother Luisita.  The more you reach out to these beautiful ladies the more you will agree with me that they are our guide in a time of great suffering.  Go to them for intercession you will be delighted at how quickly they will come to your aide.

Born to a pious and wealthy family Maria Luisa de la Pena was born in Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco Mexico on June 21, 1866, the first surviving of fourteen children. Married to Dr Pascual Rojas. They had no children of their own, but both worked tirelessly for the poor, building their own hospital. Widowed after 14 years of marriage. Entered the Carmel of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Born June 21, 1866 

Died February 11,1937 
feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Yes, let us bless Our Lord because He has allowed us to become so very poor. No doubt this lack of even the necessary means of support will help us all to grow spiritually. All we have to do is gladly accept the privations and rigors that poverty brings us. I know that God will only allow what is more beneficial for us to happen. ~ Ven. Mother Luisita

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