How GREAT Is Our God?

Every time I hear the words IVF, it takes me back to the day (oh, probably 10 years ago) when someone shared their IVF story with me after Mass.  I was actually in shock…  Then in her very gentle voice she stated to me, “You have to do what You have to do”… I will never forget those words, as if they had been pierced into my heart.  I walked away from that conversation totally flabbergasted!  I couldn’t believe that a fellow Catholic would be so blunt about such a procedure.  In my heart, I heard the words, “No, I don’t have to do what I gotta do”.  These words stir in my soul every time I hear IVF.  Something, I wish had never been invented, but in my heart I know that God is moving mountains and Pope Paul VI Institute is preforming miracles through the grace of our loving God each and everyday through the gift of NaProTechnology.  

How GREAT and Loving is Our God! 

Let us put our trust in the Lord who made Heaven and Earth.  Christ built the (Catholic) Church and we must listen to Her voice, she is our mother on this earth and we are Her children.   God bless all of you who are following the laws of God and the Church, it’s not easy, but our rewards will be great in Heaven.  So let us follow the truth of this call.

Have a beautiful Memorial Weekend!
Your Hannah’s Tears Intercessors
            and me,

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