Patron Saints for Preemies and all Babies in Need

Most of all don’t forget to sit with Jesus “Enthroned in the Eucharist”.

Jesus, burning with love for us, we love You more than life. You gave everything for love of us, and we now return everything for love of You. Do with us as You will, Lord. We ask only the grace to respond to all You may send into our lives / in the manner most pleasing to You. May all we do glorify You / and help bring Your Kingdom to earth. We wish to embrace each joy and suffering with great love. And even through our tears we whisper, “All for the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, all for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with St. Joseph.”

4 thoughts on “Patron Saints for Preemies and all Babies in Need

  1. Ease pray for little David Angel he was born 8-16 @ 54 weeks but wrighef 9.8oz as mom was sn uncontrolled diabetic
    . Although big size wise his lungs and suckle are week and now he is 8.3. They may need to put his feeding tube back .


  2. Please pray for my premature grand daughters that they become healthy and strong and for their Team of doctors to help Lily as she is struggling today. Please heal your children Lord, we ask for your grace and mercy!


  3. Please pray for our baby ,he is a premature baby ,now 1 week old,has some complications with his foodpipe.he has already undergone a surgery.God please bless us with a miracle and heal him and give us a healthy baby.


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