INFERTILE but not without HOPE

Elisabeth Leseur (Servant of God) suffered many pains, one of them being infertility and a childless home. Her other great sufferings were her husband’s unbelief in God.  She by her great love for God and the Church offered her physical, emotional and spiritual sufferings to Christ Jesus Crucified to win back her husbands soul from the great errors of atheism.  She united her heart to our Trinitarian God.  She never once questioned the unique call that she was given by Our Lord.  She embraced her cross with humility and love, just as Christ Jesus did for all of us.  She learned through her pains to follow her shepherd, Christ Jesus, and remained close to Him in Holy Eucharist.  This is the great secret to all of our own sufferings that is hiding ourselves within the Eucharistic Heart of Christ.

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