We Need to do MORE!

This email was perfect timing to me as I was feeling the same way in my own heart.  Is anyone else hearing this call?  I hadn’t heard this about the Holy Father until today so it was truly a confirmation of the Holy Spirit to read this cry for more.  

The Holy Father is trying to prepare the army of faithful, let us awaken our weary hearts and do what we are being called to do today.  

I am not just saying this to you, but to myself as I’ve had my own struggles with prayer these days.  We must and should do what we can, so, let’s pull out those rosaries and begin for it truly is our weapon of choice as it leads us into the life of Christ.


Dear Little hearts,
The Spirit is calling us into the garden, calling us into solitude and silence!!  Calling us to prayer… The Spirit is calling us to Mary, to Jesus… the Gospels… God has created gardens among things to be havens of peace, replenishment and rest…. and for prayer… It is a space where the Spirit can be free.  Our Holy Father Pope Benedict calls us to renew our focus on praying the Rosary, works of art are achieved by continuing practice, failures and successes, and it is just the same with prayer. 
So let us try and respond to the call from our Holy Father which comes from his heart to ours, but primarily the Holy Spirit gives Holy Father the words he wants us all to hear… Let us meet in the Rose garden of Mary, within the Garden of God.
Your Poor Clare Colettines TMD
Wales, UK

Benedict XVI: Pray the Rosary With More Intensity
VATICAN CITY, MAY 11, 2011 (Zenit.org).-
Benedict XVI is encouraging all to “intensify” the practice of praying the rosary during May, the month the Church dedicates to the Mother of God.
At the end of today’s general audience, the Pope urged the youth present “to value this traditional Marian prayer, which helps to understand better and to assimilate the central moments of the salvation realized by Christ.”
To the sick, he exhorted them to “to turn with confidence to the Virgin Mary through this pious exercise, entrusting all your needs to her.”
Finally, to the newlyweds, he invited them to “make the praying of the rosary in the family, a moment of spiritual growth under the gaze of the Virgin Mary.”

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