Bishop Sheen on Marriage & Elisabeth Leseur

Listen to Archbishop Sheen tell the story of (click on her name and then press the play button above the Time Magazine picture) Elisabeth Leseur who also has a cause for canonization.  Her current status in the process of canonization is that of a Servant of God. Elisabeth was born in Paris to a wealthy bourgeois French family of Corsican descent.   


2 thoughts on “Bishop Sheen on Marriage & Elisabeth Leseur

  1. How beautiful! I’m just becoming a aware of Elizabeth Leseur and was searching the web and came across your post about Bishop Sheen’s lecture. Thank you for posting it! I’m very much inspired. I found another web site that had the printed part of his leture about her and then I lost it, but I’m going to try to find it so that I can print a few sheets to leave at our church, that others may become aware of Bishop Sheen and Elizabeth Leseur. Thank you again!!!


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