Walking in the Garden of God with Mary

Dear Little hearts,

Listen! Listen! in the Garden of God, the Spirit whispers through the trees…

Mary…. Mary….. Mary….how beautiful is the name of the Holy Mother of God! and whenever we speak, pray, look to Mary we are also speaking, praying, looking at Jesus, for never were two hearts so totally one as the hearts of Jesus and Mary! Think- reflect upon that in the silence of your own heart!

Mary has so many unclaimed graces in her hands, more numerous than the leaves upon the trees…. graces for the asking as she wants to draw you, bring you closer and closer to Jesus!


Poor Clare Colettines TMD

“Blessed is the man who loves thy name, O Mary,” exclaims St. Bonaventure. “Yes, truly blessed is he who loves thy sweet name, O Mother of God! for,” he continues, “thy name is so glorious and admirable, that no one who remembers it has any fears at the hour of death.” Such is its power, that none of those who invoke it at the hour of death fear the assaults of their enemies. St. Camillus de Lellis urged the members of his community to remind the dying often to utter the holy names of Jesus and Mary. Such was his custom when assisting people in their last hour.

Oh, that we may end our lives as did the Capuchin Father, Fulgentius of Ascoli, who expired singing, “O Mary, O Mary, the most beautiful of creatures! let us depart together.”

Let us conclude with the tender prayer of St. Bonaventure:

“I ask thee, O Mary, for the glory of thy name, to come and meet my soul when it is departing from this world, and to take it in thine arms.”  Amen

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