Our Patron Saints, just to name a few..

St. Luke, patron of doctors

St. Colette 
conceived when her parents were near 50.                                         
St. Catherine of Sienna above
St. Gianna, wife, mother suffered difficult pregnancy

St. Therese of the Holy Face (spiritual mother)
Her parents suffered the loss of many 
children and Therese had to have a wet nurse
due to her mother’s illness after her birth.

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur & her husband Felix
suffered infertility throughout their marriage.
St. Hannah, old testament saint
                                                                                   Ven. Maria Louisa 
                                                                   Suffered infertility while married, 
                                                              husband died and she started an 
                                                                order of discalced  Carmelite nuns.

 St. Joachim & St. Anne

St. Elizabeth & Zechariah 

Rachel & Jacob

                                       Angels appear to Abraham & Sarah

Can you name them?

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