Healing Prayers For Noah

Noah is a healthy active and intelligent 6 year old boy. He plays in an indoor soccer league the York Region Shooters. Noah enjoys swimming and karate classes. He is a grade 1 student at St. Mary’s of the Angels School. He is the guardian and best friend of his little sister. He is kind hearted and loves to laugh. He is so energetic and full of life. He has an army of friends.

On January 9, 2011 Noah developed Idiopathic Refractory Epliepticus. What that means is Noah has generalised seizures (epliepticus) that are between 5 to 30 minutes in duration with a small break in between them 5 to 10 minutes. They are caused by an unknown origin(idiopathic), and believe me the doctors have tried to find an origin. Noah has had a spinal tap, cerebral angiogram, a few cat scans, multiple MRI, Pet Scan and even a brain biopsy. I can’t even count how many blood test and cultures have been taken. Noah’s condition is also resistant to drugs (refractory). He is currently on 6 no sorry 7 anticonvulsant medicines. They have also put him on a ketogenic diet.

So here we have my son Noah a healthy six year old boy who was laughing and joking around on January 8, 2011 he went to sleep happy. I read him a story tucked him in his bed and gave him a kiss goodnight. I found him in the morning non responsive and seizing. He has not woken up since. I am writing this on March 8 2011.

His mother is constantly at bed side and I am there as often as I can be. 

The good doctors at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto have told us that he is not likely to survive.

We remain hopeful and we pray and pray for Noah to heal. 

Please pray with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is strength in numbers and if we all pray together God will grant Noah the Miracle he needs.

May God Bless You. 

March 14

The doctors at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto have put a DNR in his file against our wishes. They refuse to give him a tracheotomy and they want to remove him from the ventilator that is assisting his breathing. 

We want Noah to live. We know that he has suffered severe brain damage and he will no longer be who he was. It should be our choice to keep him alive. Not the Doctors.

We are currently seeking a 2nd opinion. Legal advice and representation.

As Noah once anounced to his mom and me “I matter” We smiled with him and replied “more than you know” 

Resource:  Prayers for Noah
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