Professional Prayer Warriors

Christians frequently ask each other for prayers, particularly in difficult situations.  Consider the Catholic cloistered nuns who dedicate themselves to prayer for the entire world.  They are definitely professional prayer warriors!  One particular order of Poor Clare nuns outside of Phoenix, AZ, has made themselves especially available to pray for anyone and everything.  You can go to this link, leave a petition, and know that the nuns will pray for you.  Since most of us don’t live near their convent, the online petition is the next best thing.  Besides, infertility and its many crosses definitely need prayer support.  Let these holy professionals pray for you!!

1 thought on “Professional Prayer Warriors

  1. I emailed a bunch of convents when we first started with the whole IF process. I bookmarked the pages so that I could thank them for their prayers at some point in the future. Unfortunately, I lost those bookmarks due to a computer snafu 😦


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