I close my eyes and see myself waking up on Christmas morning to deliver handmade ornaments to surrounding NICU’s. I see Preemie Prints serving dinners and breakfasts to families and hosting “NICU Night Outs” where moms and dads can take a break from the hospital and visit with other parents going through a similar experience. I see us helping families with hotel rentals and transportation costs when they are stretched to the max financially because of their NICU bills. I see us honoring the nurses and Doctors who do so much for these tiny babies. I see the Lord expanding this organization to other areas and states where NICU grad parents can get involved. I envision NICU grad families empowered with the spirit, and I hope to encourage them to use it to help others just starting their journey. 

Somewhere deep in my thoughts, I see this quaint comforting cottage style house for parents of preemies. Not a sterile hospital environment but a warm and cozy house within minutes of their babies. I see breakfast served every morning, a pumping room for moms, a prayer room, a NICU and Preemie library, computers, hammocks, and peaceful sleeping quarters. I see a place specifically for these families to utilize while they are away from home yearning to remain very close to their preemies. Looking back to our NICU stay, I remember holding one of my twins and a mom sharing our room was crying. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes but she lived 3 hours away and wouldn’t be able to return for a few days. I can’t imagine that, thankfully I lived only 20 minutes away, but that situation exists and sadly happens all of the time. Ultimately we also hope to fund medical research for preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality where life and the research are equal in priority. I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to present Preemie Prints to you and to share some of my dreams. I ask that you consider us the next time you choose a charity to support and more than that I ask that you read through our website and pray for us. Please visit our prayer page at help pray for premature babies who are fighting for their lives as I type this. God bless each of you!

Preemie Prints is a non profit organization offering information, support, complimentary photography, gift bags, and prayer to families who have a premature or ill baby in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

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