Infertility on FOX

What are your thoughts? 
NaProTechnology is of course much cheaper to support then IVF treatments.

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4 thoughts on “Infertility on FOX

  1. I have heard this argument before, "Cover the more expensive treatment to lower costs because people take unnecessary risks of multiples when the more expensive treatment isn't available" but I can't help but NOT make that same conclusion. This shows to me to what lengths women will go to get pregnant, even if the treatments are dangerous not only to them but to their future offspring they so long for. Should we promote that and make it even easier to do? Its bothersome how routine this segment makes pursuing these treatments, as if every infertile woman is going to do them. What we should be talking about is why they are actively fighting for a procedure to be covered that doesn't even work the first time. That made no sense.


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