Mother of Millions, You tube, and a note from our Poor Clare Colettines

Hi everyone, I just received this email from our beautiful Poor Clare Colettines in Wales.  I have been thinking a lot and praying  for Bishop Jia since I read the report about China threatening to take over the orphanage which he is responsible.  Please bring support in this great need!  God bless you and keep walking in the truth of our Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Dear Little hearts,

May we invite you to view and pray with our new U Tube contribution. It is to raise interest and attention to the plight of Bishop Jia in China. The music was composed at the monastery and sung by the sisters. Please pray for all our brothers and sister in China, with love.


Mother of Millions

This song is dedicated to the Catholic Bishop of Zhengding, China, Julius Jia Zhiguo, who, twenty years ago found an abandoned handicapped baby on his door step.  In between prison and re-education camp, and usually under house arrest with 24 hour surveillance, he has cared for the hundred or so handicapped orphans that followed the first with the aid of a community of religious sisters.  The Chinese authorities now demand that the Bishop should sign over the children or spend the rest of his life – he is 75 – in re-education camp.

The Mother of Millions of the refrain is St Colette, the Poor Clare patron saint of children.  Haizi is mandarin for child.  The words and music were created by the little sisters of the Poor Clare Colettine Community of Ty Mam Duw Wales, who also sing it on this track.

If you want to know more about Bishop Jia and his children please visit

Haizi, Haizi 
In the dawn, upon the doorstep,
lies a naked new born child
with a torn and twisted shoulder
and an unsuspecting smile.

Haizi, Haizi

Child conceived without permission,

with no license to arrive,

with no Yuan to buy exemption,

with no leave to be alive.

Haizi, Haizi

You tell no one where you came from, 

laid before the Bishop’s door

in your silent pain you whimper

like the hundred other more.

    Mother of millions,

    who carried no child of her own,

    pray for the orphan, the wounded, the unborn;

    take the child rejected

    neglected and alone.

Haizi, Haizi

From the poor and humble Bishop

who spent twenty years in jail,

from the thirty little sisters.

from the shelter of the veil –

Haizi, Haizi

– they will take you. And your Bishop,

‘neath interrogation lamps,

still cant read the lies writ backwards

in Re-education Camps.

    Mother of millions,

    who carried no child of her own,

    pray for the orphan, the wounded, the unborn;

    take the child rejected,

    neglected and alone.

Press Release 
January 11th 2011
The Cardinal Kung foundation

Contact Joseph Kung 
PO Box 8086 
Stanford, CT06905,USA

Telephone 203 329 9712


What is described in the captioned title has not yet happened but may come at any time as Chinese officials have informed Bishop Jia Zhiguo, the founder and administrator of the disabled orphanage. The Government has made clear that it will use force if it does not get the bishop¹s agreement to the Government takeover.  Bishop Jia has so far refused consent.

We beg world media and leaders to stand up for these around 100 helpless, disabled orphans and to voice their concern and appeal to Chinese authorities.

Around twenty years ago, a handicapped infant was left on Bishop Jia¹s doorstep, the Bishop took the abandoned baby into his home, the child is now twenty years old. After the first baby the word spread and more disabled infants some of them very sick were abandoned at his door.  The good Bishop took every one in.  He founded a community of thirty Catholic nuns devoted to their care.  It is located in WuQiu, Jinzhou, Hebei.

Bishop Jia now seventy five years old was consecrated Bishop of Zhengding Hebei in 1980 by the Pope¹s mandate.  He has never joined the Catholic Patriotic Association; he is an underground Bishop.  He has spent approximately twenty years in prison and has been arrested 13 times since 2004.

In December various named officials took Bishop Jia away on three different occasions; they tried to force him to sign an agreement to release his orphans to the Government, to send away the nuns, and they threatened to take Bishop Jia away for prolonged Ostudy sessions¹ without any time limit. He was told that the orphans would be taken away with or without his agreement, by force if necessary.

Full statement and pictures available from the Kung foundation



H.E. Mr. Liu Xiaoming

Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China

49 Portland Place , London W1B 1JL

Their email is 

But a mailed letter is more effective.


Ambassador Zhang YeSui,

Embassy of The People’s Republic of China,

3505 International Place, N.W.,

Washington, D.C., 20008.

Dear friends, time is of the essence

Ty Mam Duw Poor Clare Colettine Community

Upper Aston Hall Lane


North Wales



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