“God has a plan…

I don’t know what it is but I will take one step at a time”
You reach a certain point in your life when you need to begin again.
The challenges have been so great that you feel that you have
missed out on something, everything and nothing.  Where did the 
time go you ask yourself?  Does it matter now?  
The answer is not to look back and think that you can obtain 
what was. That time has passed, it is no more.   Now is the time

to accept what is and to acknowledge what was.

Have peace, hope, and faith; these 3 things will keep you 
going, keep moving on the journey. There is a path that has been
made just for me, I don’t know what to expect, but I know I  must
move one step at a time. Trusting in God’s plan and not my own.  
I say to myself, “Jesus I trust in YOU”, as I journey through the 
day, this is what keeps me going.  If I take my eyes off of my Lord 
my journey will have no peace.  I will rely on HIM and Him alone!

meditation and thought for the day

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