Fertility and Fat Loss?

Dear Hannah’s Tears Readers,

I couldn’t help but share this beautiful letter from Isabel Rios, she is the founder of “The Diet Solution”. This is something I find very credible in the research of infertility and loss. Please know that Hannah’s Tears gets nothing back from promoting this information below as diet and nutrition are just the major building blocks to the health of a man and a woman to bring a healthy baby into this world. Read on if this interests you..

What you will find amazing is in the past diets were all about going low fat, well our major fat problems come from sugar and starch, not butter. Some of us also have gluten intolerance that will be a problem cause with all sorts of health related issues; so, if this sounds like something that you are looking for continue to read the letter below and research what may benefit you and your husband for great health. I know your NaPro consultant will be a great support to further your search for good health. Keep it up we are all here praying for you God bless you all as you seek to improve in your spiritual and physical health!

Merry Christmas!!!!
H.T. Ministry

Earlier this week I shared an incredible interview I did with Tim Ferriss, author of the new best seller “The 4 Hour Body”. Tim really didn’t hold back when it came to dishing out some of his best health and fat loss tips and tricks. You can just tell by the excitement in his voice that he’s extremely passionate about health and helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

Tim’s book covers so many amazing topics….fat loss, muscle gain, reversing injuries, even how to get the best sleep. But Tim really shocked me when he answered my last question in the interview.

It went something like this….

Me: “Tim, out of all of the great experiments you did in doing research for your book in the past 3 years, which results were the most amazing to you.”

I will admit, I thought he was going to talk about achieving single digit body fat or gaining strength exponentially in just a matter of weeks or even talk about the time he monitored his blood glucose directly by getting a diabetes monitor inserted right into his body (don’t worry, he does not recommend you try this at home, but his results are for us to benefit from).

Do you know what his answer was?

Tim: “Isabel, by far what was the most amazing to me was if you eat in a way that will increase your fertility, man or

woman, you will get leaner and be in the best health of your life.”

Wow. I guess this is not the answer I expected from a guy. I thought fertility was only something us women worried

about but it seems that with the increased incidences of miscarriages and inability to become pregnant for many
families, this has become a very important topic for all members involved (men and women).

In Tim’s book he talks about “Eating for Fertility” and how his research of indigenous cultures, the ones that ate the foods in their most natural states, including meat and animals (vegetarians listen closely here) were the ones that were in the best health, had the lowest incidence of obesity and had fewer (if at all) problems with their reproduction.

He even talks about the difficulties many vegetarian women have becoming pregnant stating…

“In the course of researching and interviewing for this book, I encountered dozens of former vegan women and would-be mothers who had miscarriage after miscarriage until they reintroduced animal products into their diets, after which they were able to become pregnant in a matter of weeks.”

I have to tell you, my eyes welt up in tears when I read that paragraph. As the mother of a 17 month old little boy and currently 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I know what a devastating issue this can be for many women and families.

Tim goes through many very important dietary strategies to increase fertility but I wanted to quickly share some with you here:

1. Meat and animal products are not bad. It is the quality of the meat that is important but some form of animal protein in the diet is necessary for proper hormone production. Look for grass fed meats and do not fall for the “saturated fat is bad for you” lie.

2. Foods like soy products and gluten containing foods are very likely to be 2 main contributors to many women’s infertility. Please eliminate or greatly minimize your exposure to these foods whenever possible (especially soy!)

3. Processed foods with a long list of additives are truly detrimental to our health all around. From heart disease to diabetes to not being able to carry a baby, these foods should be banned for human consumption. I know that sounds harsh, but it really is the truth.

This is such an important topic, I highly urge you to share even just the 3 tips above with any woman (or man) that may be struggling with infertility at this time. Just implementing these strategies could be the difference between being able to have a family or not.

Tim shares such an incredible amount of updated research and information in his book, I also highly urge you to get a copy for yourself. At $14 a book, it is truly a priceless source of wonderful health information.

I know you will love it.

In health and happiness,

Isabel De Los Rios

Certified Nutritionist

Certified Exercise Specialist

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