Make Barren Fruit Trees Bear

During my morning prayer today I reached the place of intercession and found myself reflecting on those still struggling with infertility. Many of the bloggers within this past year have been able to adopt or conceive and this has been a great blessing for many, but for those that are still waiting I found myself praying and for you and the meditation I received was about the barren fruit tree. I know you may not find anything kind in this article, but the natural things in life do relate to the spiritual and if you can see within this article that the owner of the fruit tree must sometimes take drastic measures before the tree bears fruit. This is the same way that God deals with us as individuals. We must go through the trials of life before we see ourselves actually bearing fruit from our own tree of life, which will always direct us back to Christ Jesus. This is just something to pray and reflect on not something you should take upon yourself. Life is a constant struggle but with the struggle it always brings meaning and purpose.

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