Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Dear Little hearts,

How full of truth, simplicity and humility are the writings of Blessed Charles De Foucauld….the truth they contain resounds in our own hearts as we read them.

Let us see our high dignity that we too are called to be living tabernacles of the presence of the Lord. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, if you look deep into the eyes of this Holy and Blessed Martyr you will encounter Christ.

“In this sad world there is a joy at the heart of things which is not shared by either the saints in heaven or the angels – that of suffering for Our Beloved. However, hard life may be, however long our days of sadness may endure… we must never seek to leave the foot of the cross sooner that God would have us do… our Master having been good enough to let us experience, if not always its sweetness, then at least its beauty and necessity for those who love it.”

“O God… you gave me a disgust for vice and shame. I did evil, but I never approved of it or loved it. You made me experience a melancholy emptiness, a sadness that I never felt at other times.”

“How greatly we should long for all men to be in a state of grace! In other words, we should long to see as many living tabernacles, as many bodies and souls animated by Jesus, as there are souls in the world. How greatly we should long to see souls in a state of grace doing the holiest of all possible actions.”

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