From the Poor Clare Colettines TMD ~ THE DIVINE HEART

Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

Dear Little hearts,

At the beginning of this new series you may perhaps wonder why you are called, “The Little Hearts?”

It is simple, each of you are a unique reflection of God’s great love, each of you are precious to the Lord, each of you are LOVED by Him. By addressing you in such a way it reminds us, and should remind you that you are all Gods dwelling place, God lives within you.

And we love you too, you may say, ” but the sisters don’t know me, how can they love me?”

Again the answer is simple and deeply sincere, love is not a feeling it is a beautiful movement, act of our will, and we will the good, the better part, for each and everyone of you.

Ask God to draw you deeper into his GREAT HEART, place yourself within his heart…. and listen!….. listen! then ask God what is in his heart and who is in his heart!

And let our hearts speak to His heart

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