Please don’t miss November 27th!

Dear Family,

This is so exciting to me to find that Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, is planning a great event in the Catholic Church to celebrate the life of the unborn on the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Wow, I can not express just how exciting this is… it touches my heart most especially because of the chaplet of Hannah’s Tears and how God is hearing the cries of His faithful. We are being heard, we are not alone.

Please take the next 40 days or so and try to pray for all that we will be celebrating with the Bishops and other Religious Order Priests that will be having Mass in union with our Holy Father Benedict. This is such an answer to our prayers! You will not want to miss this celebration as it begins the first weekend of Advent, let us prepare our hearts, minds and souls to receive what God has prepared for us within the Church.

Miracles beyond our understanding are continuing to unfold let us remain in the care of Our Lord and His Church. Prepare for a holy confession before November 27 and be a part of this beautiful Mass, I know the Lord has blessings He will pour upon you and your spouse this very day.

God Bless You,
Hannah’s Tears Ministry

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