You are never alone….

Do you realize that there is someone else in the midst of your struggles?

Are you aware that Christ is there with you in your times of suffering?

Jesus Christ the third person of the Divine Trinity is with YOU, call on HIM when you are feeling that life is becoming a challenge to you and all you want to do is say, “I quit, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore”. No, you can not do this anymore without HIM! I would like to challenge you to turn to Jesus and Mary today, start with 5 minutes of prayer and quiet. Then build up from there to 15 minutes then 30 and if you can get to one hour a day, wonderful. Open your Bible and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart, He is the best friend that you will ever have in your life time, get to know HIM.

You are not alone in your suffering Christ Jesus and his mother have suffered them for you. Jesus is ever present in the sacraments of Holy Mother Church, hold on to these gifts and graces that we have been left from God Our Father in Heaven. Keep them as a treasure in your life and your heart.

We the faithful are in this together, you are not alone! Let us fight the good fight, the battles are there, but Christ Jesus is greater and He has already won!
Christ awaits YOU in the Blessed Sacrament run to HIM

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