Whenever you are seized by melancholy…

A note from a Poor Clare Colettine nun to YOU… Please note this will be the last mail from “the Heart a Priest”, until the Spirit speaks otherwise.

Dear Little hearts,

There are in life some situations that despite our best efforts, we are filled with sadness and melancholy, human contact seems remote even when we are surrounded by others….it is a state that somehow God allows, and it is a space where we should reach out to him…. unite our hearts to his own agony, to his desolation in the Garden of Gethsemane…. we will draw strength from the mere fact that Christ suffered and carried all this before.

Without a doubt if we trust and surrender God will send an angel of consolation to us.

From the Heart of A Priest.
Thoughts of Brother Pio- (Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina).

Whenever you are seized by melancholy, let your thoughts dwell on that fateful night on which the Son of God began the work of redemption in the solitude of Gethsemane and offer your own sufferings to the Divine Father, along with the sufferings of Jesus.

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