I feel a great desire to abandon myself

Sharing a note to YOU from the Poor Clare Colettines TMD:

Dear Little hearts,

Inspirations to surrender oneself to God, to abandon the known and cast ourselves trustingly into the Lords arms can only be a praying , a moving of the Holy Spirit within us. Any journeying from self to God, any response from our own self centeredness to God centeredness is a touch, an embrace of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is love and love desires union, and this inner desire that Saint Pio talks about in this extract is a genuine, authentic Divine Touch. We should always listen to such whisperings, they will bring us to a greater fullness of life. We will be sadly disappointed , it may be sooner or later, if we place our trust in the things of this world, they can disappear in an instant, and they belong only to the hear and now….far greater will be our happiness if we place our trust in God. The whole Christian journey is a pilgrimage of trust.

Many of us are wounded from having our trust broken, and it takes courage to begin again and to go on trusting, people may fail us God never will.

“From the Heart of A Priest”
Thoughts of Brother Pio- (Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina).

I feel a great desire to abandon myself with greater

trust to the Divine Mercy and to place my hope in God alone.

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