Five Wounds

Prayer of the Five Wounds

It is well recorded that Saint Clare had a great devotion to the prayer of the five wounds. Indeed on her death bed she exhorted a sister to pray it. Clare kept before her eyes and in her prayer the sufferings of the Lord Jesus always. She knew his suffering and his victory. The mystery of goodness and love is far greater than the mystery of evil. We know that Clare wept over the Crucified. We know that she talked to her sisters about the Crucified. And we know that she carried her own sufferings in union with those of Christ. The prayer of the Five Wounds is only really possible if we have a burning love for Jesus… otherwise it is but words.

In the prayer of the five wounds, each wound carries its own unique message, if one prays and absorbs the spirit of the message of each wound; it is a means of growing in love.

The Wound in the Left hand- Prayer for Strength and Fortitude.

Let us pray for mercy and grace for those who accept their sins and seek reconciliation. (Luke 23 v 40)

The wound in the Right hand-Prayer for Forgiveness

Let us pray for forgiveness and conversion for all those who plunder life, let us pray for all criminals.( Luke 23 v 39)

The wound in the left foot-prayer- prayer for Perseverance and faithfulness to the end

Let us pray that our own spiritual motherhood in union with Mary at the Foot of the Cross . (John 19 v 27)

The Wound in the right foot-prayer for Repentance

Pray for all those entrusted to us, that we take that and whom God entrusts to us, to the home in our heart. (John 19 v 27)

The wound in the side of Christ

-Prayer for- Faith, Hope and to Love. With all my Heart, All my soul. All my strength Gazing upon the pierced side, let us pray for the wounded Church, that she becomes a New Community, giving birth to children of God, and also that new life is given to me and my community ( John 19 v 27)

With each wound we can be united with Our Mother Clare, in silent tears, in our speech, and all with a burning love.

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