Hope in God

Dear Little hearts.

The Holy Father is calling us to look beyond this world, and he reminds us that all things will pass away…. God alone will remain… and we in HIM….

For our lives to have meaning, purpose, we need to keep our eyes ever on the goal, ever on the end, to the Blessings and grace that await us in heaven…. if we live for this life alone we are truly …most foolish…..

The reason why man knows such despair, and so many loose hope is that they remain, stay, look only at the here and now, we are made for so much more, God gives us a future and a hope….

In the darkest hour take up your Crucifix and press it to your heart and just call upon his NAME………..JESUS.

When we suffer such darkness we share in the darkness of millions of others… it somehow creates a solidarity with so many we can because of faith lift up unto God.

May we be instruments of HOPE!

Your Poor Clare Colenttine Sisters

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