Feast of the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God´s love commits me here; ever this day (or noght) be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and to guide. Amen.

O most Holy Angel of God, appointed by Him to be my guardian, I give you thanks for all the benefits which you have bestowed on me in body and in soul. I praise and glorify you that you did condescend to assist me with such patient fidelity, and to defend me against all the assaults of my enemies. Blessed be the hour in which you were assigned to me as my guardian, my defender, and my patron. In acknowledgement and return of all your loving ministries to me since my youth, I offer you the infinitely precious and noble Heart of Jesus, and firmly resolve to obey you henceforth, and most faithfully to serve my God. Amen.

(St Gertrude)

O thou who speedest through all space

More swiftly than the lightnings fly,
Go very often in my place
To those I love most tenderly.
With thy soft touch, Oh, dry their tears,
Tell them the Cross is sweet to bear,
Speak my name softly in their ears,
And Jesus’ Name supremely fair!
(St Therese of Lisieux)

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