St. Rafka ~ Patron Saint of Sufferers

Ste Rafka a Lebanese Saint Teacher of the Generations and Patron Saint of the Sufferers


We implore You Saint Rafqa, You who walked on our soil, among our oaks and rocks, who lived among your sisters, the nuns, in Your monastery.

Blessed Sister, daughter of our land and cedars, we implore You to be our guiding light and our example in bearing the sufferings with love and joy.

Saint Rafqa, our Patron and Sister, let peace reign in our country; sanctify our monasteries and churches; grant Your visitors and those who ask for Your intercession the graces that they need; cure sick people with Your blessed soil; comfort sad people; bless our children and young; raise our orphans; let our harvest be abundant; let our homes be full of blessings; let our work be prosperous; bless our workers; feed hungry people; accompany our emigrants to come back to their homeland; pray for dead people.

Teach us dear sister, to pray like You did for Our Christ and Savior who made You share his sufferings and imprinted his wounds on Your body adding to them the sixth wound, and who made You a messenger of faith, joy and love.

So that we thank the Virgin Mary and glorify with You the Father the son and the Holy Spirit, forever.


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