Spirit of Carmel

I would like to share a note received from the Carmelite sister from Alhambra, California. Please know that they keep you in prayer each and every day.

Dear Friends,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Our sisters have published our first issue of the Spirit of Carmel. The Spirit of Carmel is a 100pg. publication which draws all who read it to want more. It’s emphasis is to to share the richness and gift of our Catholic faith through the eyes of Carmel. Through it, it is our hope to draw souls deeper in love with Christ.

Features include articles such as “Going Deeper“, “Walking with the Carmelite Saints“, “Spirituality Series” , “A Word About the WORD“, “Moments of Grace“, etc.

The Carmelite Sisters are the primary writers, graphic designers and photographers for the Spirit of Carmel. How grateful we are to God to have the opportunity to share this with you.

You can order your bi-annual publication (for $19.95) through our website www.carmelitesistersocd.com. Click on Spirit of Carmel and you can order a subscription for yourself, your family and friends. Sample articles are available to read on our website.

Please do help spread the good word. Please do forward this on to whomever you think will be interested.

God reward you!

In Christ,
Sister Mary Scholastica

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