Sing up

more reflections from our dear Poor Clare Colettine Sisters from Wales… Thank you dear sisters for you prayerful and supportive words, they truly guide us through our days!


On the Banks of the River of life, upon the eternal shore can you not hear the Angelus bell is resounding….. ringing in joy for those who have attained its shores….

Can you not hear Mary singing upon the banks of the river a Magnificat of joy!!!

Can you not hear the laughing waters of Redemption?

The wind of the Spirit of love blows!!! The sweet sweet tone of the bell rings out… proclaiming that through her YES we have received salvation…….. join your song to hers….

Dante maintained that when a soul entered purgatory the bells rang and those already there welcomed those entering with a solemn Te Deum….

I think the Angelus bell rings, its sweet tones ascend from earth to heaven… sound once produced ever moves upwards and onwards…

There is no time in God, we lay aside specific times…. dedicating the day to God, to Mary….. but somewhere it is always 6am 12 noon or 6pm….

SING UP!!!! and Pray!

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