Quotes to meditate on…

Adoration is such a wonderful place to go when you feel as if life is just out of control, physically mentally and spiritually. Just plain over-whelming! This is a place where peace comes to your soul without you even trying.

This is something I did today for myself but also for all of you. There was nothing that I brought with me except a heart open to the love of Christ filling me with His peace and healing love. I went feeling a bit unprepared, but something told me that all I needed was me and that He would take care of the rest. Our Lord provided everything that I needed ~ I found that I had a rosary, a new testament Bible, and a little book of meditations on St. Pio. I prayed the chaplet for all of your needs and then I was led to open this little book that I had and the words just leaped off of the page…

“Jesus let Padre Pio’s heart hear a voice: “My son, the test of love is pain; you will feel it sharp in your spirit, and still more in your body.”

As I was led to meditate upon this verse, I knew in my heart that this is not only St. Pio that Our Lord speaks to but all of us that are trying with grace to carry the cross that He has fashioned and made for each of us. It truly rings in my heart: “the test of love is pain” … Somehow, I believe this is the Lord also speaking to all of us who are struggling with pain. It reminds me of the scripture that the slave is not greater than the master.

God bless and keep you… and please feel free to add your thoughts and feelings about this meditation.

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