Gods on line medical centre ~ part V

Down through the ages many, both, important-prominent-and-obscure persons have been employed by God’s medical centre… Some have even recorded worthwhile diagnosis and treatments in their medical notes.

Per example Saint Luke has recorded numerous actual miracles in his book, he was fortunate to have direct contact with Christ, Saint Camillus, who laboured and ministered in a great foundation made from God’s medical centre.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen who wrote an actual Materia Medica, still in use today, she had a vast knowledge of herbs, barks and seeds and their application.

This is just naming a few but in reality thousands have been instrumental for healing by being affiliated to Gods medical centre.

A very early member had this to say; regarding the Eucharist, he called it,


And indeed it is, from His Holy presence flows all healing and life, not only unto this world but with the love that can carry us to Eternity.

We can all experience by his mercy both spiritual and physical healing in this life, but the healing that comes from the Eucharistic Jesus heals us of DEATH, SIN, and every corruption, it takes us up to the Fullness of God in Bliss.

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