God’s on line Medical Centre ~ Treatment/consultation part II

oops… I think I miss posted the order, but you will get the jist… I hope. Pray for me as I pray for you.

You may be wondering who form the medical team at God’s on line medical centre. They are the best most proficient and reliable Surgeons/Doctors/Carers. The Father is responsible for the overall running of the Centre, it is he who created all the healing herbs and applications available to man.

Jesus is the Healer, the visible hands of the Father…He is available at any hour of the day or night.

The Holy Spirit is the Midwife (the one who brings forth life) the Diagnostic Consultant ( the one who discerns and enables us to see and accept our sickness) and he is also responsible for the X-Ray department as he can see into the depths of all things….

In addition the Nurse, the head of the nursing staff and department is Mary, the Mother of God, she who nurtures with her love, her prayer those who come to her in their frailty and sickness.

Then there are the Saints employed with their various talents and healing abilities, different Saints being assigned to different problems and illnesses.

And there are those who make a very valuable contribution to the Centre, the Martyrs, those who have given their blood… for the faith….

Tomorrow there will be guided tour of the Centre.

A Poor Clare Colettine Nun

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