God’s on line Medical Centre ~ Treatment/consultation

The Poor Clare’s have been sending us beautiful reflections lately. In the coming days we would like to share these inspiring emails with you.

I hope you find something that will bring you much hope as we have received from what comes from their prayerful hearts.

God bless you,
Hannah’s Tears
Dear Little hearts..

Welcome to Gods on line medical centre, I would like first to show you our medical chest, and first aid kit… here it is!!!

In Gods word is every application, healing salve, medicine for anything that we can suffer or carry this side of the veil, our Gods wills, desires that we come to him for healing in all the circumstances and challenges of our lives…..and we in turn can recommend to others ‘medicine that really works’ ………… so often, we and others look for solutions to our pain, our fears, our heart aches elsewhere than where they can really be found… IN HIM…. we can suffer nothing that Christ has not already suffered and Redeemed….

Reading a few lines from the Word of God can bring such comfort to another, it is a witness of your own faith, and even if the person being ministered too does not share to the same extent your faith they will understand you are doing good to them.

Or when we ourselves are troubled and in pain , even to hold his word in our hands, or press it to our heart will bring solace… for God is present within the Word.

So you will soon get your daily on line medicine… his word… with much love and prayers for your physical and spiritual healing…

A Poor Clare Colettine Nun

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