Fwd: Please try this little hearts

“I am God’s pencil, a tiny bit of pencil with which He writes what he likes; He writes through us, and however imperfect we may be, He writes beautifully.” — Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Dearest Little hearts,

There is a need within each one of us to be creative, to share somehow in the work of God our Father and Creator….It is a path of conception, nurturing and ultimately giving birth.  We may like to express ourselves in words in prose , poetry, limericks or songs!!!  But there is always something of a thrill and satisfaction when we have finished the work, albeit touched with a sense maybe it could be better!!! there is wisdom in knowing when to stop or declare the work, finished!!

Yes, we can all be a pencil in Gods hand, but the pencil has another very valuable and creative use…. drawing!!! There grows a kind of intimacy between an artist and the pencil/pen, a familiarity, an enjoying being together!!! …….  Anyone who can hold a pen can draw, man drew thousands of years before he ever wrote a word….man is visual as well as conceptual…the problem is that we are influenced far too much by the opinions and expertise of others, we observe something we regard as a good painting and when we cannot measure up we think… no I cant do that ! No you cant but you can do something else….  Try and express yourself on a piece of paper, as Paul Klee said, take the line for a walk !!! just doodle over the paper and feel relaxed… like anything creative it improves with practise. Be humble in your choice of subject when trying to draw, if you have never seen a camel don’t draw one! familiar objects…. or draw symbols that represent some Truth…. A Cross, a heart etc.  etc.

Don’t be too critical of your efforts look at the paper through the eye of a child….

Even if you draw match stick men its  a beginning and even there you can express ideas, so much of our faith can come alive to us if we express it visually…. try and see what happens, be a pencil in Gods hand too…

The aim is not to be another Van Gogh, but to allow the child within to be, all children like to draw…..if you cannot draw something you can see try to express on paper that which is in your heart….

My favourite drawing medium is a plain lead pencil….experiment…. quite recently we were given a picture of Blessed Seelos which I have found fascinating,  it is such an endearing picture, so simple…. a child could have done it or someone with the heart of a child.

Bless you all and please try!!!! 

with love,

Your Poor Clare Colettine Sister



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