God’s beautiful plan…

You are a beautiful gift in God’s eyes. We each have different crosses to carry and different gifts but we are all God’s little flowers… 

Some of us are the little violets and some of us are the roses…  Our frustrations in this life are like the weeds that we need to pull up by the root in the garden we call our life…  Sometimes the pain that fills our life seems too heavy to bear, but when we turn to Our Lord on the cross and in Holy Eucharist, Jesus begins to reveal his beautiful plan.  Our life is like the field which the farmer must plow, in order to have a beautiful garden he must turn the soil and plant the seeds.   In our lives God must also till the garden of our hearts.  His plan may not be what we desired, but if we place our trust in Him and turn our life over to Him the beautiful plan will be revealed in His time.  Our trust must grow into that beautiful flower in time the cross that you bear will reveal the fruits that God has yet to show you.

Please know that you are loved today and that you are being lifted in our prayers.  God bless you and please let us know if  you have a prayer requests.

We love you,
Hannah’s Tears Intercessors

2 thoughts on “God’s beautiful plan…

  1. What an absolutely beautiful reflection. Thank youI would like to ask for prayers for the adoption of our son. He is 13 months old and living in an orphanage in China. I would like to humbly request prayers for our family. Specifically, that our son in China is loved and well cared for and that our process goes smoothly and that the funds become available as needed.God bless you for this wonderful ministry.The McDuffie Family


  2. I really needed to hear this today, as I sat in Mass and started to feel the “poor me” feeling that I hate so much. Singing the joyous words after 2 babies were baptized, “Blessed be God, who calls you by name- holy and chosen one.” Instead, all I felt was that THESE parents were holy and chosen. THEIR babies are holy and chosen. But God has decided I am neither.And then I come back home, get online, and read this reflection of yours. It is so clear, so true. But so hard to remember when all you want to do is feel sorry for yourself 😉 Thank you for the reminder today. Please keep me and DH in your prayers, friends, as we try to open both the biological and adoptive path, to allow God to send us His gifts any way He’d like!


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