Words from Saint Clare

The words of Saint Clare that mean more to me than any others are, when she was asked on her death bed to whom she was speaking she responded,

” I am speaking to my blessed soul”

Is this not why modern man is so adrift that he lost the awareness the faith, the knowledge, that he is possessed of an eternal soul ?

In old spiritual books, classics, there is often a dialogue between the writer and the soul, per example, hear O my soul, listen my soul, rise up O lord and seek, etc etc… this familiarity is lost……….It is rarely included in modern works.

This reality is one of the reasons why man so fears death, seeing himself and others as mere bodies, this lack of understanding also accounts for the fact why abortion can be so easily, by all to many, assented to, that is a total unawareness and acknowledgement of the soul dwelling in each child from conception.

Once created the soul can never be uncreated, it is a good and praiseworthy thing to cultivate a sensitivity and consciences of the indwelling of the immortal soul.

Each and every person is unique and precious to God.

A Poor Clare Colettine Sister
Wales (UK)

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