Eucharist and healing of the tongue

When I receive Holy Communion, I entreat and implore the Saviour to heal my tongue, that I may never fail in love of neighbour.

Saint Mary Faustina notebook 2. 590


Humility is truth, and Saint Faustina sees clearly where she stands in need of the healing and grace of the Eucharist. Her feelings reflect a soul sensitive to what can harm charity, and damage or wound a neighbour. Indeed the human tongue can be very destructive and inflict much pain upon others. We must strive to always speak the truth in and with love, but being mindful of the reverence we owe to others and being careful to avoid making them feel diminished in anyway… it is a real art to learn to use the tongue well …Of ourselves we cannot achieve a victory but in and with Jesus we can! and that is why we need to receive him in the Eucharist.

Meditation from our Poor Clare Colettine Sisters (TMD)

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